YAPC Europe Conferences

Gather for the biggest events of the year to take down the most valuable points for shaping your dreams.


People from different parts of the country come together to share their perspectives and ideas at this session.


This class takes you on tour through the details of the various concepts being discussed at the conference.


Develop your coding skills at this event, with an expert team all set to introduce you to the three-tier course.

Open Discussion

Put your ideas on the table to take the discussion to a whole new level with several additions brought by the attendees.


All the events have been scheduled over the weekend with advanced online booking facilities.


Check the official sites for confirmation on the dates of the different conferences and workshops.

low-cost Perl conference

Local Perl user groups launch theories through these conferences to bring some of the greatest ideas to life.

European Perl Community Meetup  |  Swiss Perl and Friends   |  Olten Opensource Meetup

iGaming in Latvia

Big part of Latvian tech community is iGaming. There are several live casino studios, world's biggest casino technology providers have their offices in Riga, and of course more than 10 different gambling license holders have hundereds of casinos and gaming halls all around Latvia. During the conference, we will give a short overview of employement opportunities in Latvian casino sector. Read more at EuropaClubCasino.com and get yourself acquainted with Latvian casinos!

conference for the Perl programming language

Learn more about the different programming languages with this exclusive conference held annually.


Futuristic concepts

Extraordinary collaborations

Meet your fellow Perl programmers

Get in touch with the other programmers attending the conference to make the strongest professional bonds.

Lewin Herman

Speaking Trainer

Minnie Vann

Jules Phelps

Perl Best Expertise

Roger Boothman

Testing with Perl

Braidy Christison

Teaching class

Jolie Rowe

Teaching class

Tutorials, Technical Presentations, Social Events, and More.


Events begin at the scheduled time, with special programs held for the promising prodigies of the state.


Keep an eye on the clock as you take notes of the ground-breaking concepts in the world of programming.


Professionals and students attend the event for the special programs held once or twice every year.


Every program organized here is for the group of individuals that plan to expand their specific areas of programming.

Technical and social meetings

Join our team to become a part of the big event that brings multiple ideas and sessions together for better technology.

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