iGaming Game Developers Lead the Innovation in Programming

iGaming Game Developers Lead the Innovation in Programming

There’s one industry that often gets overlooked in the programming field: online gambling. Yet, the leading game developers in the iGaming field earn some of the biggest revenues. NetEnt, one of the most well-known slot machine creators, generates about 200 million dollars every year. And these numbers are growing.

Latvia is one of the most important locations for online casinos and game providers.

The growing revenue goes hand in hand with innovations coming from these game developers. Programming in the iGaming field is quite different from other industries: the companies need to tailor their programs so they would not only function brilliantly but would also offer unforgettable gambling moments, adrenaline-rush, action and winning combinations. Online casino games need to combine perfect programming with stellar random number generators, so the games would actually make money to the casinos as well as provide winnings to the customers.

Every year, game developers go far and beyond to combine those two sides together and so they come up with greater technologies. A few years ago, Big Time Gaming rocked the industry with their Megaways technology – a fascinating mechanics where game reels randomly expand to provide more pay lines and thus more winning combinations. This new technology was so warmly received by the players that now, there’s virtually no online casino out there that doesn’t offer some Megaways slots.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Ever wondered what it would be like to step into the gambling hall or an online slot machine and play as if you’re actually there? Virtual reality and augmented reality are two innovations that have taken the iGaming world by storm. VR in itself is not that new anymore but while other industries have stayed quiet, online casino game developers have adopted the VR principles quickly to offer a competitive edge.

NetEnt, for instance, came out with a VR version of their phenomenally popular slot machine Gonzo’s Quest. Now, iGaming programmers are hustling to adopt the technology more and more, so soon we could all step into the virtual gambling hall without actually ever leaving the house.

Blockchain Technology

These days, there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As the iGaming industry is always on the frontlines of innovation, many online casinos across the world have started accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. Some casinos have even rebranded themselves as “crypto casinos”, i.e. casinos where traditional currencies no longer reign.
Blockchain technology and online casinos are like a match made in heaven. Gambling enthusiasts are often frightened by the extent of personal information they have to share in the casinos, especially if they have to make deposits solely via their bank. Blockchain, however, opens a possibility to make payments anonymously without ever having to share any personal details.

Of course, it has its downsides too – scams can run more wildly in an environment where no personal data is shared but nevertheless, crypto casinos are becoming more popular everywhere across the world.

Mobile Gambling Better than Ever

The majority of internet users use only their phones to access sites and services. In fact, according to global statistics, there are about 6 billion smartphone users – which means that most of the world is using smartphones now. And that’s exactly why game developers have hustled to tailor their games for smartphone users.

Thanks to innovative HTML5 technology, online gamblers can enjoy games right via their mobile browsers without needing to download any apps. Most casinos don’t even have a dedicated mobile app since their games run smoothly on the browser too.

Some casinos have gone down the app route too but mostly just to offer a higher grade of functionalities, especially for sports betting or poker.

Programming-wise, it’s amazing to see online casino games run smoothly even on a mobile browser, considering the amount of data that needs to be transferred.

And online casino games aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the days when online slots consisted of just one reel with badly designed fruit symbols. Now, online slots include imaginative storytelling, brilliant graphics, dozens of bonus mechanics, in-game characters and things you might have never imagined.

Casino game developers are becoming more sophisticated each year and we can only hope to see what they have in store next.

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